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The DataAct Scalable Solution 
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Your software team needs detailed requirements before they can develop operating software.  But your hardware team needs software to operate the hardware, therefore enabling them to define the requirements for the software team!  Your company now has two pools of talented people spinning their wheels and product is falling behind the scheduled launch date.   

DataAct has the solution to this problem!

We specialize in developing flexible and scalable real time control of digital and analog I/O.  This custom application utilizes the LabVIEW platform to optimize and validate design requirements quickly and reliably.  

When used on several pieces of one puzzle the DataAct control application allows for a unique scalable solution.  As the puzzle is aligned together the real time control seamlessly integrates allowing requirements to be analyzed quickly.  This scalability is extremely effective for products that require integration of separately developed components or the development of a family of products. By focusing on the complete solution rather than only one piece of the puzzle we save our clients measurable time and resources.


Fixture Control Software 

Fixture Control Software (FCS) is an application that can generically perform the real time control of digital and analog I/O.  This application uses a relational database to store information, which are the specific instructions for a particular fixture. This relational database architecture when used in conjunction with the FCS creates a powerful tool for providing the control of multiple fixtures during a new product development. When the product offering is the first of a family of products, having an integrated solution such as FCS will greatly reduce redundant efforts by building on a existing tool set and providing a consistent interface to the end users (engineers, technicians and key-ops).

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